This is my troll, Drew. His best friend is Suzi Cyclops.  They’re writing a story together and just finished vol I.

Drew is a Russ Troll – or is he?


Beasts of Burden

A startling in the firm grip of a man's hand

The ongoing struggle between nature and man

Graphite on Paper – aprox 14 x 16   © Lauren Bellon – All Rights Reserved

Both man and bird suffer from their interactions. The European Starling was brought over to American soil  “in 1890, a drug manufacturer, who wanted every bird found in Shakespeare to live in America released 60 starlings in Central Park. After spending a few years nesting modestly under the eaves of the American Museum of Natural History, they went from a poetic fancy to a menacing majority; there are now upward of 200 million birds across North America, where they thrive at the expense of other cavity nesters like bluebirds and woodpeckers, eat an abundance of grain — as well as harmful insects — and occasionally bring down airplanes”¹

¹New York Times


in danger – endangered


View of Marshes in Piermont, NY - Sturgeon in foreground
graphite & paper – 17″ x 21″  © Lauren Bellon  – All Rights Reserved


At Risk

This landscape of the Hudson, and the Atlantic Sturgeon are on the endangered list…this is a view south from Piermont, NY towards Manhattan. An extremely rare view with no major buildings or other obvious signs of civilization interrupting the natural beauty.

Read more about the Atlantic Sturgeon, one of the oldest species of fish. It doesn’t have scales and can grow to 600 lbs or more.


it’s about balance


Everything is balance…  The filling – and the emptying,  the coming and going,  the light and dark…

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